• organizing the black economy


the problem

The African American community suffers from a lack of human and financial capital organization and strategy.  We control ZERO industries and have no productive capacity for critical resources.  We cannot even feed, clothe, or house ourselves.

about black star

The Black Star Capital Network (BSCN) is a network of Black investment clubs, syndicates, traditional funds, and individual investors across all asset classes.  This website is a guide for those interested in establishing an investment club and/or joining the network as an individual or existing fund/syndicate.  Content creators and online course instructors are also welcome and will be able to monetize their content with the network. The ultimate purpose is simply to share deal flow, knowledge, and best practices.


Target Asset Classes

Individual funds can be as focused or broad as they wish, but overall, the network will have clubs investing in all of these asset classes.


taking UJAMAA from theory to practice

"...social power is, in essence, collective, and involves two essentials, intentionality (i.e. purpose, motive) and resources." -Amos Wilson, Blueprint for Black Power

Our intention is Black economic self-determination, and we must organize our collective resources to that end by creating, building, and investing in the means of production.

BSCN's strategy was inspired and informed by the book In The Black 2050: a model for black economic leadership in the 21st century, which is available for purchase below.

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partner with us

Do you have a large audience or social media following related to personal finance, entrepreneurship, investing, or building wealth?  You can start your own group of investment clubs or encourage your followers to start investment clubs and we'll pay you for each club that gets formed through you.

If you create high quality educational content or online courses related to finance/investing, we can also promote it to our audience.